AC Repair Orlando FL

Annual Maintenance

HVAC Preferred Club Service Plan

Service Plan Benefits:

As a Service Plan customer, Priority service over Non Members. You will receive semi-annual complete inspection service on your heating and/or air conditioning equipment. (2 total inspections per HVAC system). Receive $25 OFF on future repairs or system upgrades.

In our complete inspection service, we will perform a check on the following areas of your system(s)

Mechanical System:

This is a complete inspection service of all moving and electrical components in your system.

Safety System:

This is a complete inspection service of all safeties in your system such as Combustion/Ignition/Venting/Water as well as power protection components in your system.

Performance System:

This is a service that will test the overall efficiency of your system. Included in this service we will test the refrigerant system, the air flow system and the combustion system for a maximum performance output.